Our Team at Betts Cleaning Specialists

At Betts Cleaning Specialists, our staff will work with your quality control department, creating or improving your sanitation processes so they are properly in compliance with HACCP and CFIA requirements. We then assist with training and technical assistance as well as performing consultations using our knowledge of your industry’s regulations.

Professionals You Can Rely On

During this process, our team becomes a seamless part of your own staff. It’s crucial that Betts Cleaning Specialists Ltd. finds the right staff for your facility. We maintain a stable workforce through selective recruiting, comprehensive training and employee recognition to ensure less turnover and greater consistency in our services to you. Our experienced managers understand how important it is to motivate your employees and reward them for a job well done.

On the Job Training

Our employees are fully trained prior to starting any new facility and receive continuous “on the job” training covering all aspects of food safety, our safety program and specific individual job assignment, including:

  • Chemical safety and handling
  • WHMIS (workplace hazardous materials information system)
  • Sanitation standard operating procedures
  • Good manufacturer practices and specific facility policies

We customize our services to our customers while still meeting the HACCP requirements. This includes:

  • On-call management 24/7
  • Approved detergents and sanitizers
  • SSOP development and implementation
  • Regulatory requirement compliance
  • Daily pre-operational inspections
  • Bacteria control
  • Customer audit support
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