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The development of any cleaning and sanitation program needs to be taken with the utmost consideration. You must evaluate several aspects of your work process, including equipment, chemicals, temperatures, processing times and concentrations. The team at Betts Cleaning Specialists will work with you to establish an effective sanitation program for your particular facility’s needs.

While necessary, your food sanitation program can be expensive and time-consuming if done by in-house management. Betts Cleaning will be responsible for the program. Just a few benefits are:

  • You can concentrate on production
  • We ensure a clean environment for a superior product
  • You can avoid costly shutdowns due to sanitation issues
  • Reduced overall expenses — outsourcing lets you eliminate costs for sanitation payroll, benefits and insurance
  • Budgeting becomes easier with one single sanitation fee
  • More efficient and productive workforce

Betts will help you develop all the procedures and documentation needed to run a compliant facility, including:

  • Sanitation standard operating procedure manual continually updated for your facility
  • Master sanitation schedule
  • Quarterly safety and employee audits
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